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Thermal Solutions


Furukawa Electric Group commands the largest share in the world market for heat radiation parts for electronic equipment, such as heat pipes and heat sinks. With this success as a foundation, we offer a wide range of heat-reducing parts and components for use in products from heavy machinery to the Central Processing Units (CPU)'s in personal computers.

Tex wire

Tex Wire

Our insulated winding wire makes a merit of needing no interlayer insulation tape or barrier tape, thereby downsizing transformers bringing about high efficiency and cost cutback.

Polyimide Tubing

Polyimide Tubing

Furukawa Electric's proprietary Polyimide Tubing manufacturing process produces a seamless, thin, multi-layered tubing product that ensures superior thermal resistance and durability along with optimal flexibility for easier installations.

With a minimum inside diameter of 0.12mm and a wall thickness of 0.02mm available, we can meet you specified dimensions for your application. Furukawa offers more than 20 standard product dimensions and has years of experience in handling unique applications and field installations.

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